Institutional Laundry

Institutional Laundry Services

Do you run a Hospital, Hotel, Sports Club, Spa, Manufacturing Factory or other type of institution in Kenya? Sydon Laundry Services is ready to support you maintain hygiene and a professional look by taking care of your laundry. This will enable you concentrate on your core business while controlling operating costs e.g. if you run a hospital or hotel, spend your precious time and energy on getting and keeping your clients happy through excellent marketing and service delivery. Leave the worries about laundry to us and focus on growing your business.

We will collect your laundry, hygienically clean it using water-based laundry machines, and deliver it back to you ironed and professionally packaged here in Nairobi, Kenya. At Sydon Laundry Services, we use advanced laundry care protocols and high quality washing detergents and fabric softeners to protect your laundry and prolong its life, helping you save costs for your valued business. We have solutions to remove diverse range of stains and dirt. We offer a comprehensive range of laundry services which include: beddings (blankets, pillowcases, bed-sheets); dust coats;  overalls & aprons; staff uniforms; towels;  curtains & drapers; mattresses; table clothes & napkins; and mosquito nets. (We do treat mosquito nets with insecticide upon request).

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